Total Dental Care

What is total dental care?

Total dental care is a process of treatment which includes not only a routine scaling, but also polish, floss, tongue cleaning, flour applications to strengthen the tooth enamel, and oral hygiene. 

Why is total care necessary?

Teeth have plaque accumulation in the line of gingival area. This plaque is morphed into tartar by calcifying over time and coloring emerges. Patient cannot be able to clean these tartar and colorings. Unless it is cleansed, the accumulation of tartar increases. Thus, this is accompanied by malodor and gingival bleeding. To prevent all these, it is advised to have a regular dentist check and total dental care.

What procedures are included in total dental care?

Initially, tartars are removed by ultrasonic devices, and polishing process will follow this to eliminate the colorings of the teeth located on the surface and interproximal via using a special material. Patient is elaborately explained on the routine processes of oral and dental care and how to perform them by himself/herself properly. The necessary information on the right tooth brushing, flossing and tongue cleaning are shared. Through flour application, tooth enamels are strengthened towards any formation of teeth decays.

Will I feel any ache or pain during the procedure?

One can have slight sensitiveness in areas where gingival recessions and exposed dental roots are observed. It is a routine procedure and it is unlikely to experience any kind of pain.

Does the cleaning process damage the teeth?

When right equipment is used and polishing is applied after the cleaning process, there will be no damage to the teeth. It is an application that needs to be performed regularly.

How often should this process be repeated?

Plaque accumulation and tartar formation ratio vary according to individuals’ denture, salivary characteristics, brushing and diet routines. Total dental care can be performed if considered necessary in semiannual dentist checks.