Smile Design

What is smile design?

It is an overall procedure with the intent of making your smile more aesthetic and for you to smile confidently. It includes maintaining oral and dental health and undergoing aesthetical adjustments. Aesthetics and health is a whole, they are assessed and designated jointly.

In smile design, what types of procedures are performed on the teeth?

Principally, discoloration and staining on the surface of the teeth are removed. Tooth whitening (bleaching) can be applied if necessary. The decision of the appearance of the teeth and at what extent it would be displayed in the course of a smile is decided with the expert. Subsequently, teeth are redesigned as regards to color, shape and form. Sometimes, the results can be obtained solely with aesthetic composite fillings. However, aesthetic smile design can also be achieved through prosthetic dentistry applications such as, full ceramic, zirconium, laminate. In conditions in which there is advanced unevenness and the desire to achieve the ideal smile, orthodontic wire treatment may be required before performing aesthetical procedures.  

How to design the smile and what are the stages of treatment? How many sessions are required?

While designing the smile, intraoral and transverse face profile pictures are taken and dental impression technique is applied. By taking patient’s requests and suggestions into consideration, smile design begins. It will take approximately 2 sessions for setting up the design and displaying intraoral image to the patient. On the second session, the patient will receive an intraoral demo for the design that has been considered for him/her; and this procedure is named “Mock Up”. There can be modifications applied to the preliminary design and the patient will receive an information about the previous stage before the procedure is completed; hence there will be no surprises. The treatment will begin with the designated methods later on. Following sessions may vary from one case to another, yet the result is generally achieved in 3 sessions.

May I make any modifications in smile design digitally?

Within an intermediary session, it is provided for a patient to express his/her likes or dislikes on the smile design and modifications or alterations can be done accordingly before the treatment is completed. Minor changes can be applied in the same session. For major changes, the session has to be repeated within a new appointment. 

Are there any personal smile styles?

There are styles that are frequently used and that are mostly preferred by the patients. Available designs such as, Hollywood smile, attractive smile, intellectual smile, sportive smile can be modified personally and according to the expectation of the patient.