What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a subdivision of dentistry that structures the positions of teeth and jawlines. It aims to structure the ideal dental and skeletal relationship via contraceptive and corrective applications by observing the growth of a child since birth. 

How is orthodontic treatment applied?

After clinical examination of the dentist, proper treatment methods are designated by receiving roentgen visuals from patients, by carrying out measurements and analysis on photographs and plaster models. Active arms, transparent plaques, brackets and wires, micro implants, face masks, chin caps can be used during the course of treatment.

How long does an orthodontic treatment last?

In order not to damage dental and bone tissues during the movement of teeth inside the jaw and realign of jaws procedures, forces are applied limitedly. The duration of treatment is highly variable owing to your diagnosis, your age and your adherence to specified rules; this period may vary between 6 months to 3 years approximately. Dentist, based on his/her expertise, may provide you with an estimation interval after the first examination, it is impossible to foresee a certain amount of time.

When is the most suitable time for orthodontic examination?

For the first orthodontic examination, the most suitable age range is 7-7,5. Whereas permanent dentures appear during these age ranges, first symptoms of orthodontic disorders can be detected. Through an orthodontic examination in early ages of a child, the disorders to be encountered in adolescence can be detected and treated. Orthodontic treatment of child patients starts between the ages of 9 and 14, generally. Receiving orthodontic treatment before the adolescence period will not only reduce the time span of treatment, but also gives the edge of advantage to achieve permanent results. Furthermore, orthodontic examination has to be administered in adenoid disorders, cleft lip-palate disorders as well.

Ortodontik tedavi üzerine iyi bir ağız bakımı eklendiğinde, hasta ömrü boyunca dişlerinin konum bozukluğu nedeniyle yaşayabileceği estetik olmayan gülümsemeden, ağız diş sağlığı problemlerinden, dolgu, çekim, implant, protez gibi uzun vadede ve toplamda çok daha yüksek ücretler gerektiren tedavilerden kurtarılmış olur.

Are orthodontic treatments worth in terms of time and cost?

Orthodontic treatment, when affiliated with a proper dental care, will relieve the patient of unaesthetic smile due to the disposition of dentures, of oral and dental health problems, and of treatments which will take up more time and cost in the long term such as, fillings, extractions, implant, prosthesis.