Laser Dentistry

What is laser? Is it safe?

Laser is abbreviated from the initials of the words: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. It is a focused and well ordered light beam. American Health Organization approved that it is safe to use it in treatments of people from all ages.  

What are the advantages of using laser beam?

It shortens the healing period of the wound.

It provides a convenient and pleasant treatment environment by eliminating anesthesia and injection.

There will be no bleeding when used in surgical procedures.

It provides sterilization in applied area.

It reduces the duration of sessions.

What are the areas of laser use in dentistry?

Hard and soft tissue surgeries

Periodontal surgeries (aids in root planning, gingivoplasty, gingivitis and periodontitis treatments)

Drilling the decayed teeth away

Desensitization of teeth

Treatments of implant and peri-implantitis

Treatments of aphtous and herpes labialis

Accelerating wound healing

Sterilization of root canals in root canal treatment

Palliating the discomforts related temporomandibular joint

What is laser aided teeth whitening? How is it applied?

It is possible to acquire the desirable white appearance in teeth via laser aided teeth whitening method. The advantage of whitening the teeth with the aid of laser is that it is an effective and painless method and its outcome is much more permanent. This whitening method gives more expeditious result than the others, thus your procedure in the dental clinic will be carried out within a short span of time.

How long does laser aided tooth whitening last?

It depends on the person when to repeat the procedure of teeth whitening. Your cautiousness on dental care, your eating and drinking habits and your use of cigarette can seriously affect the duration. It is advised to have your teeth to be checked semiannually.