Dental Health Tourism

Turkey is one of the most preferable countries for dental treatments by the virtue of its location, its line of history and its cultural history; alongside with its European level of health standards that are accompanied by reasonable costs compared to these countries, and with its personally promoted treatment options. Our country is notably advanced in terms of air travel and has a large amount of options in manners of accommodation. Foreign patients who have visited Turkey within the scope of health tourism, are well pleased to be treated with such an advanced technology and by highly experienced doctors. The shortness of our treatments enable our patients to have a leisure time for participating in great variety of touristic activities throughout their period of treatments. Huriye Aras International Dental Clinic, which is located in historical and touristic Bodrum Peninsula, that has been designed by taking the most advanced point of health system into consideration, and with regards to national and international needs and technological developments in medicine; is a polyclinic offering every necessary opportunity for dental tourism.